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Meet Double, the robot that will be able to get you and your employees anywhere, to be present anywhere in the world. Several meetings in succession at different locations? Easy with Double. Run an exhibition while you’re at your desk? No problem with Double! Double is the innovative way of teleworking for companies. Within a few years it won’t be conceivable to think of the business life without Double in it. Double isn’t just a handy tool but most of all an incredible cool gadget!

double robotics

What’s Double?

Double is a remote controlled robot that can drive around at an office or exhibition. An iPad is placed on to the frame, causing you to see and hear the surroundings of Double. This way you can drive around while talking to co-workers at the work floor or visitors at the exhibition. In principle, this Double Robotics robot is actually a mobile video conference system.

Hoe bestuur je double?


Business use

Therefore Double is ideal for business use, for events as well for higher education. It’s the innovation in the field of teleworking. Companies can expand their policy about teleworking and create a strong cooperative environment at the same time for the extern employee as well as the entire team. The arrival of Double makes it possible for growing companies to hire extern experts that may be on the other side of the world. Where this previously seemed impossible, gives Double the chance, by the simple way of teleworking.


Can you not be present personally at an event? Double still makes this possible. With Double you can easily move around in the room, allowing you to keep an eye on whether or not the event is going well and gives you the opportunity to speak to visitors and co-workers. Double is also used at various museums. With Double you won’t have to miss a visit to the museum due to illness or other reasons, but you can still experience it. Is there a special opening, but the guest of honor can’t be there? Double makes sure the guest of honor can still take care of the opening.

Higher education

Double is also being used in higher education in different ways. It is used in both interactive online classrooms and in ordinary classrooms, where the students themselves are present, to make it possible for the professors to teach at all times whether they are around or not. Double also can be used for educational tours for example in libraries or to demonstrate new innovative technologies. As well in the business world it also is possible for extern students to be present in  the classroom in real time. This may be the case when the student is in the hospital or has to work at home for whatever reason. 

The benefits

Be everywhere

Double is the most innovative way of teleworking. The telepresence robot makes sure you don’t have to miss any event, meeting or other important matter, when you can be there in person. Because he can be present anywhere it is the ideal way for external employees to communicate with their co-workers that are someplace else.


Through the mobility of Double you are able to move freely around the work floor and get in touch of each co-worker for a question of chat without planning a meeting. Because this saves a lot of time, it will eventually lead to increased labor productivity.

Greater involvement of external employees

A large part of the communication between members on the work floor is informal. The external employees will miss these informal conversations and will only be approached for very important matters. This means that the external employees are less connected and involved in the daily activities within the company. Double gives back the external employees their involvement, by being present at the work floor all day, therefore they don’t have to miss any ‘hall conversation’ anymore.

Strong mutual connection between external employees

Because of the presence of every external team member on the work floor, the social bond will be increased between the geographically dispersed team members. They too can easily communicate with each other through Double and will therefore build up a collegiate bond more quickly. Because everyone Is present on the work floor, improvised meetings can take place more easily.

Valuable investment

Double can be seen as a very valuable investment. In addition to all the aforementioned benefits, Double also provides a massive saving at the traveling expenses and accommodation costs of the external employees. They won’t have to travel or arrange an accommodation anymore to attend a meeting or event.

  • Be present everywhere
  • To communicate with each other from different places
  • Mobility
  • Increased labor productivity
  • Increases the observed presence of external employees
  • Increases the social bond between geographically dispersed team members
  • Increases the number of improvised meetings and the amount of informal interaction
  • Savings on travel expenses and accommodation costs. 


Audio kit

Double Robotics is a remote controlled iPad-robot equipped with many technically advanced features. So it is a lightweight design that is equipped with an audio kit and a camera kit (720p Adaptive HD). The audio kit consists of an amplified loudspeaker and a microphone that’s easy to use in noisy, large environments such as classrooms, meetings, offices and events. With the audio kit you are able to see and hear everything in the area of Double.

Camera kit (720p Adaptive HD)

The camera kit has a 150 degree wide angle lens that allows the field of view of the camera on both the left and right sides is 70 % larger than the standard field of view of a camera. With this 5 megapixel camera it is also possible to have the view always on the floor so you can easily navigate in the small spaces and Double can be easily parked in your charging station.

6-8 uur battery

The battery of Double will last for 6-8 hours, after that he will be fully charged within 3 hours. Do not log in specifically for meetings etc. but let Double stand on during the day in a save place at the office. It is recommended that Double is always put in the charging station at the end of the day.

Stable and self-balancing driving mechanism

Double has a stable driving mechanism which makes it resistant to small obstacles such as cables. The self-balancing mechanism ensures that it is always in balance.


Do you have any questions regarding Double Robotics? Please feel free to contact us. Our specialists will answer your questions and provide you with all the expert information you need.



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