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Organizing an online event involves a lot of things. A professional presentation is more important than you think. It completes your online event and provides the professional look you want. Get to know the various studios we have for you, including professional cameras, lighting, sound and streaming service. A successful event starts with a professional presentation. If you are interested in one of our studios, please contact us:



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VOIPgrid 490 x 360
Studio 1 490 x 360

Studio 1

This is the largest studio at 7 x 6.5 meters. With fixed light, sound and video screens you can create the most beautiful scenarios and backgrounds.

Studio 1 can be fully furnished with:
  • furniture and/or public
  • 2-6 cameras
  • Directing space
  • Low or high table + chairs

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Studio 2

This lobby studio is approximately 5 x 3 meters. The studio is ideal for recording a presentation at a high desk with 2 to 3 people.

The lobby studio can be furnished with:

  • 1-3 cameras
  • Sound (3 channels)
  • LCD screen in the background
  • Fixed light
  • Pod presentation/back wall
Studio 1 490 x 360 (2)
Studio 3 490 x 360

Studio 3

At Bano, we now also provide a personalized fully technically functioning podcast studio. Podcasts are a hot item at the moment. Many different types of companies use a podcast, for example, to discuss the news or to approach your target group.

The podcast studio comes standard with;

  • 4 microphones Neumann TLM103
  • 4 headphones Rode NTH-100
  • Rode RODECaster Pro II
  • Coffee and tea

We offer basic 3 packages for the podcast studio. Of course, you can expand these packages. 

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