There is a lot to consider when organizing an online event. A professional presentation is more important than you think. It really completes your online event and provides the professional image you want. Get to know the various studios we have for you, including professional cameras, lighting, sound, stream. A successful event starts with a professional presentation.

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Studio 1

Big, bigger. biggest

This is the largest studio of 10 x 10 meters. You can create the most beautiful scenarios and backgrounds with fixed light, sound and video screens.

Studio 1 can be completely furnished with::

  • furniture and / or public
  • 2-6 cameras 
  • Direction room
  • Low or high table + chairs
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Studio 2

The lobby

This lobby studio is approximately 4 x 4 meters. The studio is ideal for recording a presentation at a high desk with 2 to 3 people.

The lobby studio can be furnished with:

  • 1-3 cameras
  • Sound (3 channels)
  • LCD screen in the background
  • Light
  • Pod presentation/backwall

Studio 3

The round table

Imagine yourself as one of the knights of the round table in this studio. Take a seat at a beautiful glass round table. With a maximum of 4 people you can meet, discuss and inform each other and the online public well.

Studio 4

Studio 4

Speakers studio

In this studio you take place at a scaffolding wooden table, equipped with a laptop and microphone. In a presentation, not only good sound is important, but also a good background. Complete your professional presentation with a custom-made backwall.

The studio is furnished with:

  • Desk
  • Backwall van 3.00 x 2.20
  • Presentation laptop with viewing screen
  • Microphone and presentation click-through
Studio 5

Black Office

In this studio you take place at a scaffolding wooden table. This space is suitable for 1 person and has a backwall that can be completely custom made using the screen. Furthermore, the studio is equipped with:

  • Lighting
  • microphone
  • Touchscreen
  • 'Customizeable' backwall

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