Case: A decade of collaboration between Bano and COGI conferences

For more than ten years, Bano and CongressMed, organizer of COGI (World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility), have built a successful partnership. During this period we have jointly organized high-quality medical conferences across Europe, with memorable editions in cities such as Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin and Budapest. With an edition in Lisbon 2024 already in preparation.


Our decade-long collaboration

Bano and COGI have worked together for a decade to seamlessly organize high-quality medical conferences across Europe. While Bano acted as technical supplier and supervisor of all technology, COGI focused on facilitating lively debates and knowledge exchange within the women's health sector. Our case description:

COGI: The World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility

What makes COGI unique

COGI stands out as an internationally recognized event that focuses on challenging issues in women's health. Some features that make the conference special:

1. Multidisciplinary meeting: COGI brings together professionals from various disciplines for scientific, educational and social exchange. Bano facilitated, among other things, network concepts and an exhibition stand for the organization itself and for their partners.

2. Lively debates: Current and controversial issues are addressed through fascinating debates, both locally and worldwide via online streams that Bano fully manages.

3. Bridge Science to Practice: COGI bridges the gap between basic science and clinical application, with tangible conclusions on controversial topics.

4. Innovation and education: A forum where general practitioners are educated on sub-disciplines, technological advances and ethical issues in women's health.

Bano's Role at COGI: Ten Years of Execution Excellence

Technical support from Amsterdam to Budapest

Bano has proudly played a key role in the organization and technical production of COGI conferences for ten years, with the most recent highlight in Vienna 2023. Our international event production expertise, from conferences and stand construction to AV and online streaming, came together beautifully here . As:

  • Speaker guidance in audiovisual support: On location we guided all speakers, both in the halls and in the speaker-ready rooms, where technology merged seamlessly with presentation quality.
  • Global speakers via streaming: Our technical setup made it possible for speakers from all over the world to share their contributions online, giving COGI a global reach.

- Forging Connections: More than 1,200 participants from 85 countries were connected in 325 presentations, demonstrating our commitment to advancing excellence in women's health. This was achieved by also providing network concepts and a square with stands for the organization and stands for partners from Bano.

In more than a decade of collaboration, we have not only grown through our assessments, but we have also integrated new technology. This includes, for example, the experiences we have gained during online events during the pandemic, and the goal has always been to achieve maximum impact.

The success of COGI Vienna 2023

Top achievement of international cooperation

With a dedicated team on site, we contributed to the success of COGI Vienna 2023, a very successful international collaboration and knowledge exchange.

- 1200+ participants | 85 countries | 325 presentations: The numbers speak for themselves - a large-scale success thanks to the long-term synergy between Bano and COGI.

- A look to the future: As partners, we look forward to the coming years of collaboration as we continue to contribute to COGI's growth and advance innovation in the women's health sector.

Visit the COGI website for more information about this special event and learn how COGI and Bano continue to work together toward excellence in women's health. Together we are building a future of groundbreaking medical conferences and lasting collaboration. Cheers to another ten years of success!

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