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Do you want to organize a conference soon?

At Bano we are specialized in technically providing conferences. When you organize a conference, it is important that you create the right experience for your guests. But what are the technical aspects that you can use to create the desired experience? In four steps we will work with you to ensure that the technology will contribute to the right experience.

1. Creation
2. Realization
3. Experience
4. Aftercare

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What Bano supplies for conferences?

  1. Technical production
    We provide all necessary AV for your conference. For every event that we organize, we want to unburden our customers in the field of technology.
  2. Event app
    This app displays information about the conference, for example a map, the program, news. In addition, people can chat with each other in this app and share photos.
  3. Poster management
    Posters can be uploaded and then displayed digitally and online.
  4. Presentation management
    Speakers can upload their presentation in a clear system in advance and test it in the speaker ready room.
  5. Sponsor management
    For sponsor management we create a website with the possibility to purchase a sponsor package and sponsor expressions.
  6. Speaker time
    The speaker time is automatically linked to the program. This system ensures that speakers start and end their presentation on time.
  7. Recording speakers
    Speakers are recorded during the conference, these recordings can then be put online.
  8. Digital signage
    Screens will be hung at the location with maps, sponsorship and programs listed.
  9. An online environment
    It is becoming more and more common to participate in conferences both online and physically. We therefore work together with the Let's Get Digital platform.
  10. Ticketing
    Ticketing is done through one system, so you can keep track of who is participating in your conference and for how long they are actively participating.
  11. Survey tools
    This tool ensures interaction between the online participants and the speakers. Participants can both ask and answer questions, so your conference is not only efficient  but also personal.

What kind of conference do you want to organise?

  • Medical Congress
  • Scientific Congress
  • Online marketing congress
  • Business conference
  • Sports & exercise congress
  • Religious Congress

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Curious what Bano can do for your conference?

There is a lot involved in organizing a conference. Let us help and unburden you to set up a successful conference.

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