Hybrid events

Today, a combination of an offline event with an online factor is more often the rule than the exception. We call the combination of online and offline hybrid.

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Virtual online component

The way we organize events has changed completely in recent years. Whether it concerns fairs, seminars or concerts, the organization today looks a lot different from 10 years ago. Where at first you mainly thought about the location, planning, tickets and the content of your event, now there are factors such as brand experience, live streaming, and (online) interaction.


What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is a trade fair, conference, congress, seminar, workshop or other type of event that combines live with online. It is a combination between offline and online. Participants can be there physically or participate from behind their computer. This does not have to take place at the same time, but can also be spread over several days and moments, for example. A hybrid event is the bringing together of online and offline, where both elements reinforce each other for the best experience for and with your brand.

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