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Congress Care is a leading conference agency that has been a specialist in organizing (international) medical scientific meetings since 1997. Thanks to corona, many of these gatherings could no longer take place in their physical form, so they were forced to look for an alternative. Contact had already been made between Congress Care and Bano due to a previously large international symposium.

What have we done?

Due to the lockdown in 2020, all Congress Care events were canceled or moved. They had had the digitization of the congresses on the agenda for some time, but corona really accelerated this. "The combination of Bano and the Let's Get Digital platform fitted in seamlessly with this goal." says Debbie Schuurmans, project manager at Congress Care. "As a result, we have started to collaborate more and more intensively." Debbie continues: “Bano is a very good partner in the field of online events. They have completely mastered the Let’s Get Digital platform and it is very nice to design and organize the platform together. Other AV suppliers we have worked with do not yet do this. They only provided the basic livestream activities. The Let’s Get Digital platform is a huge star in this regard. Especially for the more complex events with parallel sessions and several international ones. Bano offers the perfect support in this. ” The first major online event that we organized for Congress Care took place in the autumn of 2020. It was a two-day European conference on Medical Mycology. The speakers were all over Europe.

Congress Care says the following about the collaboration with us: “Bano thinks along with you and has a lot of knowledge of the platform (ed: Let's Get Digital). That is very nice. Bano therefore not only acts as an intermediary, but is your all-in-one partner in the field of online events. It is also very nice to visit Bano and work together on the development of your ideas in the studios. For every event there is a suitable studio that you can use and set up in such a way that it completely suits your company and branding. As a 'small' customer from Den Bosch, we would not necessarily think of a party in Groningen, it is simply not around the corner. But because Bano has been able to get their online services off the ground so quickly and well, they have created an enormous reach and are really of added value.”

In the future?

We have already organized several online events for Congress Care and the following events are already on the schedule. For example, on March 4, 2021 we will have the AYA congress and at the end of March the Spring Meeting of the KNVM and the NVMM.

That's how we discovered the Let's get digital platform. Thanks to the collaboration with Bano, the transition from offline to online events went very smoothly. Thanks to the platform, the postponed conference could still take place.

Congress Care

Debbie Schuurmans

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