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Total Specific Solutions (TSS) is a large international software company with a parent company in Canada. TSS buys software companies that specialize in software for vertical markets such as hospitals, pharmacies, housing associations and the municipal market. They make these companies bigger and then split them up when the company is ready. They do this internationally. All these companies have management and they in turn belong to the TSS leadership team.

TSS organizes various meetings from the TSS Academy throughout the year. Normally they did this in a physical form at the Braak in Driebergen. But then corona arrived and these physical events could no longer continue. TSS has been looking at the situation for a while. But when there was no clear perspective, they decided to switch quickly.

What have we done?

 Juliette van Snellenberg, Executive Assistant to the Group CEO of TSS, attended an event from home and was extremely impressed. "It was set up on a grand scale and very well organized." That should also be possible at TSS, Juliette thought. Juliette came into contact with Erwin through a colleague and we as Bano have already organized three online events for TSS and the sister company of TSS has also planned their first event with us.

Juliette: “Our first online event with Bano was an international Leadership Summit with 200 managers from our companies in Europe. It was the complete picture: plenary speakers, break-out sessions and a network carousel. After we had this first online event, my director called me in person to say he was very impressed. He was very proud to experience that we were able to set up an international event at a very high level in a very short period of time, with all the new challenges that entail. ”

“Bano is a very professional company for organizing an online event. The technical guys came to our location for two days to set up everything and to relieve us completely. That gives a good feeling. You do such an event together. " said Juliette.

In the future?

The cooperation between TSS and Bano continues. The next event is already planned for the end of March. About 240 international TSS managers will join this.

An online event with Bano is very professional. The technical guys came to our location for two days to set up everything and to relieve us completely. That gives a very nice feeling. ” said Juliette.

Juliette van Snellenberg

Juliette van Snellenburg

Assistant Director

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