6 steps to pick te right date for your business event 2023

You want to organize a business event. But how do you determine which date is suitable to organize your business event? We give you a step-by-step plan to choose the right date. Whether it's a staff party or a roadshow, you want to attract as many people as possible to your event.

Step #1: The most suitable day

There is no such thing as a perfect day for holding a business event. However, it turned out that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the most suitable for organizing a business event. Most people are at work on these three days. If you want to hold a staff party where the partners are present, Friday is the most suitable day.

Step #2: Time of the day

The target group determines the right time. For example, if you're hosting a hybrid event for guests from different continents, you'll need to consider the different time zones. It is then not convenient to start your event in the morning.

Organizing an event after a working day is often not appreciated. Try to schedule a day where invitees can attend the event during a workday. Finally, you can always check the preferences of your potential visitors.

Step #3: Season/holiday time

You can already take into account a number of dates and circumstances in advance. In the winter months you have to take into account the accessibility of the location,  in both good and bad weather. Organizing a business event on the day that holidays are just starting is also not a good idea. So take into account the target group and the season of the year. Holiday times vary by region. So check in which region your event takes place.

Step #4: Holidays

Make sure your event doesn't fall on a regional/national holiday. In this case, guests will be able to stay away due to other obligations. For staff who have children, it is useful to see on which public holidays the children have a day off.

Step #5: Sport competitions

Important sports competitions can influence the success of your business event. Guests can stay away because they want to see the Dutch national football team play. Nevertheless, you can use these kinds of important match days at your event. You can give your guests the option to watch the match during your event. 

Step #6: Competition

Keep an eye on what the competition is doing around the date of your business event. It is not useful if your competition organizes a business event for the same target group and if you want to organize a similar event a week later. If you know what the competition is doing, you can adjust the date or content of your event.


Think carefully about the date and day the event will take place. There are many aspects to take into account. To choose a successful date, we recommend that you follow these 6 steps. 

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Erwin Balkema

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