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Over the past two years, we have made a U-turn from ‘on site’ to ‘from home’ and have regularly seen people being presented with the same concept. 

Even now that we get to attend events in person again, we have noticed that we are not completely returning to how things were before the coronavirus pandemic. Hybrid events have become the norm, and new technology enables us to offer more than just live broadcasts. 

But what developments are relevant to the Corporate Events Manager? This blog explains what awaits the business events industry in 2023. 

Trend 1: Hybrid events 

Before the pandemic, digital events were almost unthinkable. Nobody was expected to show up. Two years ago, that all changed and online-only was the new standard. Now that we can come gather physically again, many have opted to return to offline venues for all events – just like before the pandemic. It’s a shame, because hybrid events are the way forward if you want the best of both worlds. 

  "86% of B2B organizations have had a positive ROI in the seven months following their hybrid event."

For Events Managers, there’s another advantage of (at least partially) digitizing events: the wealth of data it provides. This data serves as valuable information that helps them organize their next event. 

Trend 2. Metaverse to automation

As we have already seen with hybrid events, technology plays a key role in facilitating successful events. Whether an event is fully online, in-person or a combination of the two, you can't do without it. We might be stating the obvious, because the term ‘technology’ is extremely broad. 

The popularity of the metaverse is mainly down to the fact that it offers unlimited options for huge audiences. Always dreamed of hosting an event in the middle of a jungle? Or in the most beautiful sky bar that is completely out of your budget? With infinite breakout rooms and networking next to waterfalls, it’s all possible.

Trend 3: Popularity of micro events

The days of big, bigger, biggest are over. Mass events with dozens of stages and thousands of visitors will still happen, but an important trend is the rise of micro events, which focus on intimacy and engagement. These kinds of events are possible – in part – due to the many opportunities offered by technology and digitization. 

Moreover, these events feel exclusive, which increases engagement. A micro event engages visitors with your brand by creating depth and exuding a clear message.

Interested in the other three trends and how all these trends affect the corporate events industry?

Our experts have compiled a trend report containing the six key trends that focus on developments in the corporate events industry. 

Prepare for the future in order to remain relevant to your target audience. Download the trend report here:

Download trend report

Erwin Balkema

Erwin Balkema

Erwin Balkema owner of Bano Can we also help you realize a successful event or exhibition participation online or hybrid? Bano Event Technology

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