How to stand out with a small stand

When you think of a stand that lets you draw potential customers to your stand, what’s the first thing on your mind? Is it a stand with two floors? Visual effects? Interactive gadgets? Or are you thinking of a smaller stand with roller banners and pop-up rear wall?

Of course your budget largely determinate your final choice. And yet, whatever the size of your stand and the way you try to draw the attention, eventually it is all about effectively convey your message. But the question is, how can you achieve this? Use the tips below to stand out at every exhibition with your small stand and to effectively convey your message to your audience.

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Choose a smart location    

A successful exhibition stands and falls with the location of your stand. You can already far in advance indicate a preferred position. You should do this! There will be a lot of competition, but you have to take your chance. After all, you don’t want one of the last places all in the back. The best place for your stand is often next to or near the catering. Most of the time this is the place where people observe the exhibition, while enjoying a cup of coffee. At that moment they have to notice your stand right away. Chances are, after drinking their coffee, they come straight to your stand.

Size doesn’t matter

It’s a misconception to think a large stand is necessary to draw the most attention. A stand of smaller size might as well catch the eye and draw as much visitors as a larger stand. It is very important to work with a creative team, consisting of professionals who understand your intention of your exhibition participation, and know from experience what resources are needed.

Go higher

Use the available space as effectively as possible! When you have a smaller stand ( in terms of the area ), you can work in height. These are often cheap meters. You can still stand out and draw the attention to your audience, by working with high walls. People will be more inclined to take a look at that striking stand.

Open and inviting stand !

Make sure of an open and inviting stand. This applies to both the stand as well as for those who are standing at the stand. In addition to the design of the stand it is also essential to make a light plan. The way in which the whole is highlighted can make or break a stand. Not to mention the layout and the quality of printing. Don’t use too much text and make sure what you’re showing is of high quality and really catch the eye. If you have little space, but you do have the height? Make sure your logo is visible at a distance.

Your staff is the business card for your business. Also make sure that they radiate openness, whereby the audience feels invited to visit your stand. A cared-looking, neat decorated look will contribute to this. Don’t forget you will stand all day at the exhibition, make sure you wear neat and comfortable shoes.

The key is finding an experienced partner, with a lot of creativity and experience, who can help you design and realize your ideal stand. Using a remarkable and well thought stand can make a difference for your company at the exhibition and attract relevant prospects.

Interactive stand

Beside an open, inviting look it’s also important to get interactive with your audience. You do want to entertain your audience. Give a demonstration of your newest product or service. This also is the perfect way, despite your small stand, to stand out among all of the other stands. The flow to your stand will also arouse the curiosity to others. Interacting with your audience is an effective way to create contacts.


Receiving potential customers and contacts, during exhibitions, is very important. But how do we receive them with our small stand? At larger stands there are multiple meters available, so they can receive they guests in a casual atmosphere. This often isn’t possible at smaller stands. Use a high table to do business or you can take your business contact to the exhibition terrace to do business, while enjoying a lunch and a cup of coffee. An exhibition is the place where contacts are maintained and business is conducted. Try to anticipate as much as possible here, with the available resources.

6 basic tips to stand out with a smaller stand

1. Bring your message clear!

2. Inform at the organization how high you may build at the exhibition and use this hight.

3. make sure your visitors are able to see your logo from a distance

4. Let your stand highlighted professionally

5. Make sure that all the elements you use, fit well together

6. Make sure you have an interactive stand

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