Organize a staff party: 10 tips!

Organizing a staff party has been the most common way to thank your staff for their efforts for years. But what do you understand by a staff party? Is a fun activity sufficient with a snack and a drink or is there more to it? The impact of a staff party is often underestimated. A well-organized staff party can be very valuable for your company, provided it is well organized. In this blog we give 10 tips that help you organize a successful staff party.


1. Who do you invite to the staff party?

The first question you ask is of course: who do you invite? Of course, the answer to this is: the staff. But do you let the staff come alone or do you also invite the partners? You may think that the partners should not miss out on this experience. After all, the presence of partners ensures that a connection is made between work and the home front of your employees. You can even choose to organize a family day, where the children can also be present. Who you invite to the staff party depends on several factors. The available budget and the size of the party play a major role in this. Map this out carefully and then see what the options are.


2. Organize or outsource yourself?

A staff party often arises from a certain thought or vision: a thought about what the staff party should look like this time. This can be based on the corporate culture, direct objectives or the communication policy. As soon as you know who you are going to invite to the party, you can start thinking about whether you want to organize the party yourself or whether you outsource this to an event agency. Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages. Consider the following important points:

  • Do you have the necessary creativity?
  • Do you have enough knowledge to organize it yourself?
  • The amount of time it takes.
  • Available budget.
  • Accountability.

3. Express pride and appreciation

The word actually says it all: a staff party is a party for the staff. As logical as it sounds, surprisingly enough it is not approached that way. The party is intended as a token of appreciation and pride towards your team. This is only possible with a worthy staff party! A party that is an extension of the company and where time and energy has been invested. This will also be received in the same way by the staff. Also, don't feel too big to express your pride and appreciation to the staff. Use the right time to get the word out to them.


4. Invest in your team

"We don't have a budget for that" is a frequently used statement for not organizing a staff party. As a company, you can completely miss the mark. A company can only develop and continue to grow if it is able to retain people permanently. People want to be able to identify with something and be part of a larger whole. This starts from within the organization; a success story and a goal for founding the organization. A good story gives meaning and direction. Something people want to be associated with. This ultimately leads to solidarity and pride within the organization.

A staff party is an extension of this. A successful, inspiring and high-profile company party should therefore not be seen as a cost item but as an investment. An investment in your team! After all, the staff is the most important capital of your company. When you realize this, you will act accordingly. So make sure you have enough budget and value your team!


5. Organize a staff party with a purpose

A staff party is not just a stand-alone event. No, a staff party is more than that. It's actually part of the bigger picture. It could be a cool secondary condition for your business. Invest sufficient time in organizing the party. Think about why you are organizing the party. There is a reason the employees have come to work for you. A good, informal atmosphere or the cool commercial things that the company undertakes are good examples of this. Include this in your staff party; provide a common thread that is recognizable among the staff. Organize a staff party with a purpose!

Think "out of the box": what are the goals for the coming year or 5 years from now? Can you integrate this into your staff party? Have new people been added to the team or individuals who have performed beyond expectations? Perhaps you could do something with this? A staff party with a clear goal and which has been well thought out is quickly recognizable for the staff. This makes a lot more impression and will be talked about longer than just any party.


6. Save the date! Provide a clear planning for your colleagues / staff

A staff party is partly to create solidarity among the employees. This can only be achieved when the vast majority of employees are present. A party with many absentees can therefore never be seen as a success. With a clear planning towards your colleagues / employees you avoid the problem of many cancellations. Therefore, communicate the date well in advance, so that they can take this into account: save the date! Make them curious and encourage participation to get as many applications as possible. Providing and communicating the correct information is very important in this regard. In the period between registration and the actual staff party, provide nice reminders to make people curious and to keep them enthusiastic.


7. A surprising and unique staff party

A staff party should not be a boring annual obligation. Thinking up something quickly because you are morally "obligated" is no longer of this time. Try to unpack and ensure a surprising and unique staff party. Do you not have the budget to organize a big high-profile party every year? Then do a good job once every two to three years. Better once every three years a fantastic staff party that is talked about for a long time, than three times an obvious outing that has zero impact on your staff.


8. Activities for staff party

We live in a society that is developing at a rapid pace. People are more critical than ever before and are increasingly demanding. This also influences the organization of a staff party. In the past, "a party" was understood to mean: socializing while enjoying a snack and a drink, perhaps supplemented with music. Nowadays the cards are shuffled a bit differently! People's expectations are higher and higher.

Therefore, think carefully about the activities for the staff party. Make sure they support the party and appeal to the entire target group. After all, you do not want some of the staff to be unwilling or unable to participate. Sometimes it is better to invest in a slightly more expensive activity that proves to be worth the money, than a cheaper activity that nobody gets excited about.


9. Provide variety

However logical it may sound: Make sure that there is a variety of theme and activity for each party. After all, you don't want to be predictable for your employees. As soon as the staff parties get boring, you will not achieve the desired effect. So be smart with the organization and take up the challenge with yourself, in order to create that "wow-feeling" in your staff every year. This can only be achieved with an original, thoughtful and smart idea. For example: one year a sports day, the next year a workshop, Friday drink or a surprising unique activity.

Also try to find variety in the location where the party is held. Look for a unique location! A chic restaurant, hotel, party boat or challenging assault course, just to name a few examples. An original location is half the job! Who do you invite? Here too you alternate. One year you invite the partners and the next year you celebrate the party exclusively with the staff. A family day with partners and children is also very good. As a company you show an open and committed character. This is always appreciated.


10. An annual event

The staff party is a recurring highlight that people always look forward to. Try to make enough budget available for this, to actually make it a highlight. And preferably annually! As a company, you can show your pride and appreciation to your staff every year and at the same time you can emphasize the togetherness during a great party. The staff party is a valuable event with a lot of meaning for your company.

Do you not have the budget to be big every year? Then come once every two or three years with a fantastic staff party!

Erwin Balkema

Erwin Balkema

Erwin Balkema owner of Bano Can we also help you realize a successful event or exhibition participation online or hybrid? Bano Event Technology

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