Trends in Events: What’s in it for me?


Hoe meer evenementen er bij komen, des te meer keuzes jouw potentiële publiek krijgt. Tijd is schaarsThe more events there come, the more choices your potential audience gets. Time is scare and the possibilities are endless, so why does a visitor choose your event? Where the Netherlands used to have two large festivals, nowadays every self-respecting place in the Netherlands has already set up one or more own festivals. The same applies to the number of parties, congresses and other business events. The case is therefore to give your potential visitors what they are looking for and at the same time stand out between the large offer of events. Make sure your event is an added value to the people so they get triggered to visit your event.



  • Create value for your visitors
  • Give your guests freedom in their event experience
  • Interaction during your event
  • Put on a B2B-matchmakingdynamic

 Create value for your visitors

To keep reaching your visitors, you will have to raise the bar even higher. Reach and show more content and experience. Even more as in the past, visitors want to know ‘what’s in it for me’? The visitors have to see a difference after visiting your event. This can be by making new contacts, gaining new information or getting valuable ideas. By means of a well-thought out strategy, you strive for behavioral change among your visitors. To reach this behavioral change you will have to be innovative, allowing your visitors to take full advantage and enjoy the potential of your conferences, seminars and exhibitions.


Simply taking care of strong content and an interesting speaker in not enough anymore. To stand out more you will have to provide a powerful context that is of added value to your visitors and that will ultimately change their behavior or motivate that change. Below you see several ways to give your visitors what they want.


Give your guests freedom in their event experience

The tight, time-bound planning of an event is no longer of this time. Although, this is not what your visitors are looking for. Visitors like to plan their own time. Do give the visitors the freedom they need. Provide your event with different kind of spaces where visitors can discuss, do activities, taking breaks and network, in their own time. Do not hinder the visitor through the tight layout of your event, but keep the focus on them. Give your visitors the time and space to get the optimal out of your event.


Interaction during your event

Taking a seat  in the room to hear a speaker speak the entire time and make a number of drawings is no longer of this time, interaction is the key to success. People want to be able to communicate to each other and have the opportunity to connect with the source of knowledge. Take care of an interactive event with the focus is on the visitors. They have to feel involved and have to be given the opportunity to share and gather as much knowledge during your event.


Put on a B2B-matchmakingdynamic

For most visitors an event is only important because of the possibility to make contact other people to network. The current network layout has its restrictions: You don’t know in advance who is and isn’t coming to the event and you don’t know whether you will get to talk to them any way if they are present. It is also difficult for some people to approach strangers and enter into a conversation. To prevent all of this and help your visitors to make valuable contacts, you can choose to put on a B2B-matchmakingdynamic.


Through the B2B-matchmakingdynamic your visitors get access to the guest list. With this guest list they are able to make concrete appointments with for them interesting people. This will take away the awkwardness of the traditional networking and you will be certain you will get to speak to people who are interesting for you. B2B-matchmakingdynamic will make sure your visitors will make new valuable contacts that are very important for their career or company.


More tips and trends….

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Erwin Balkema

Erwin Balkema

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