Trends in Events 2019

Technology is developing at breakneck speed. This is also noticeable in the event industry. Last year, for example, there were major innovative trends to be seen, which are again being used in the event industry this year. The main recurring trends are the use of event apps, crowd shaping, virtual reality & augmented reality. We have discussed these trends in detail in our Trends in Events 2018 blog.

In addition to the recurring trends, numerous new trends are also emerging. In the field of marketing, communication and technology, we will see a lot of different influences in the event industry in the coming year. Do you want to organize a next level event in 2019 or are you already organizing an event? Then make sure that the trends below are not missing:

  1. Events with a social purpose.
  2. Festivalisation.
  3. Bleisure it is!
  4. Shorter queues thanks to facial recognition.
  5. Gamification.
  6. AV-technique

Events with a social purpose

Sustainability and social involvement are a daily topic of discussion these days. There will be no news broadcast that does not devote an item to either topic. This "development" also has an impact on the event industry. In recent years, small influences of sustainability have already been reflected in the trends. But with the attention it is getting now, they are topics that need to be integrated into event planning and execution.

Influence on the catering

When we look at catering, this is the most important part that should be included in the sustainability plan. Points such as recycling, reducing / excluding plastic use and replacing it with paper use and combating waste are currently hot items that need to be addressed. Visitors to festivals and events more or less expect that attention is paid to this. So make sure you include this in your event plan.


In 2019, organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability. Everyone wants to contribute to a better world. We will therefore see this trend in business and live events. For example, there is a lot of attention for no-waste at events and the choice for environmentally friendly locations. In addition, the content of the event is increasingly in line with this "Trend in Events".

trends in events 2019


When we talk about the trends of 2019, we are certainly also talking about the "festivization" of corporate events, conferences and other live gatherings. A large part of the new generation of entrepreneurs are festival goers and this is reflected in the type of events that are organized. The events are much more dynamic and visitors are treated to a full experience that will be talked about for a long time to come. "Engaging audiences", the message that Bano always conveys, is exactly in line with this trend.

The organisation

It can't be crazy enough, as long as the visitors experience the festival feeling. Plan a part of the program outside and place a large screen so that visitors can enjoy a snack and a drink in the open air and at the same time take in content. Provide unique stands and stage designs with music. You can even choose to engage a live artist. Keep in mind that you want to create an event in which experience is central! A relaxed atmosphere, an environment in which visitors feel free and a varied interactive program, with professional as well as inspiring and surprising elements, are a must. Think in terms of possibilities and not impossibilities! Pull out all the stops to get the most out of your event. The total picture has to be right: from the decoration of the event and the use of AV technology to the catering and the use of music.

Recently a nice blog was written about "organizing your own festival". This blog answers the question of what to take into account when organizing a festival. Perhaps interesting if you want to capitalize on the current trend.

trends in events 2019

Bleisure it is!

Bleisure is a new trend that shows similarities with festivization. Finding the combination between business and pleasure is central to this trend that will definitely take off in 2019. Business meetings are all about goals and deadlines, which are usually quite boring. The participants in these meetings are usually persons with higher positions. But why is the pressure so high and does it all have to be so stiff and tightly arranged? Knowing that every person functions better when there is a healthy dose of pleasure and relaxation ...

Bleisure changes course!

It's time for something different! VIP lounges, massage salons, spas, bars and relaxation areas find their way into the world of events. Bleisure it is! Of course, the bleisure event stands or falls with the location where it is held. One location pays better than another. When choosing a suitable bleisure location, consider the following factors: safety, costs, accessibility / transport options, climate, cultural impact and accommodation options.

Regardless of what kind of event you are organizing, be it a bleisure event or any other type of event, the location where the event takes place can make or break it. The right location has a major impact on getting your message across to your audience. Finding the right location is a nice challenge, as you have to take many factors into account. We have listed these factors for you in this blog.


Shorter queues thanks to facial recognition

We have seen facial recognition appear cautiously at some events in the past year. The technology continues to develop, which increases the expectations around this technique. It is therefore assumed that this technique will be used more often at events in the future. This technique is already frequently used when checking in visitors. Research heeft has shown that checking in with the help of facial recognition quickly saves about 9 seconds compared to scanning a ticket and printing badges. This prevents long queues and the check-in process will be much faster and smoother.

Visitors to your event can easily and quickly register online. All they have to do is send in a good photo of themselves and have a good working WiFi connection. The facial recognition software works with any device equipped with a camera, such as smartphones and tablets.


Influence of AVG on the use of facial recognition

With the introduction of the GDPR legislation in 2018, a lot has changed with regard to the handling of personal data. Due to this introduction, there are a number of things that you have to take into account when you want to use facial recognition at your event. Because you link personal data to a specific face, you should legally require permission from the participant. To deal with this properly, you will have to include this as a "tick" in the registration process and clearly state what you are going to do with the personal data.

trends in events 2019


Not all trends are completely aligned with each other. Where there is often talk of an "over" digitization of society, whereby personal contact disappears, it is not surprising enough for others when it comes to the development and use of technology. However you look at it; technological developments are going like a rocket and there are plenty of possibilities. This brings us to another big trend that will be seen a lot at events in 2019: "Gamification". Gamification is the application of game techniques in a non-game environment. The game elements are used to attract the attention of the attendees of your event, motivate them and enrich their experience. This way you can convey your message in a playful way and let your brand / message experience. A good example of Gamification is the Bano Playseat.

Applying gamification to the stock market

When you are a participant in a fair, it is always difficult to attract visitors to your stand. A unique stand design is one of the possibilities to attract the attention of visitors. Another cool tool that can help you perfectly with this is the Bano Playseat. This F1 simulator is completely branded in your corporate identity, making it characteristic of your company or brand. While visitors compete with each other to set the fastest time, you as an exhibitor have the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with your visitors.

trends in events 2019

AV technology

In the event industry, the influence of AV technology on the visitor experience always remains a hot topic. As indicated earlier, 2019 will not only be about deploying new tools and gadgets, but mainly about integrating existing innovations in events. Think of live streaming, virtual reality, augmented reality and the use of event apps. VR and AR, for example, are increasingly used in Powerpoint presentations, in order to take the visitors into an experience that suits the presentation. The use of live streaming during events also continues to increase.

The experience is central!

In 2019 it's all about one thing: the visitor's experience! All facets discussed above, plus countless other innovative developments, will contribute to this! Professional parties such as Bano are invaluable in realizing the ultimate visitor experience during your event. Are you curious about what Bano can do for you? Please feel free to contact us.

Erwin Balkema

Erwin Balkema

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