The perfect checklist for organizing (online) events


Event organization is a real search for the right location for the event, the decoration of the event and all other facets that come with the event. In order not to overlook important matters organically, it is useful to have a checklist. On this page you find a complete checklist that will help you to organize your event.


Before start

A beginner’s mistake is that often made when organizing events is that one immediately switches to the organization. DO  NOT! It is essential to start by explaining the idea of your event and what the reason for this was. Next you determine the objectives as specifically as possible. The objectives are leading for your event. This way you start your event by setting specific objectives and your event ends with evaluating your objectives. Also examine the feasibility of the objectives and adjust them if they are not feasible.

Next it is important to set the budget for the event. When this is clear, the event can take shape. Determine what kind of event it will be. Do you choose for a business event, live event or conference? Set up a profile of your target group/guests based on the type of event. Make an estimate of the size of the target group.

Follow the point below to organize your event from the objectives.

Checklist organizing events

  •  Formulate your idea
  • Make clear what the reason for the event is
  • Research the feasibility
  • Clearly define the objectives of the event
  • Set your budget
  • What kind of event will it be (business, live event, congress or roadshow)?
  • Identify the nature or character of the event.
  • Compose a profile of the target group/guests

Composition organization team

A successful event falls and stands with a good organization. This starts with a good composition of the organization team. Make it a diverse team, consisting of people from different departments. This way you create a team that consists of people with different qualities. This will lead to various, unique ideas that will benefit the quality of the event.

Set up one main responsible person and one budget manager. Then give each team member a specific task and define the tasks explicitly so that everyone knows exactly what his or her task is. To make the organization clear and thigh, it is necessary to set tight but feasible deadlines. Make sure that the points below are worked out in detail to make the organization team as good as possible.

  • put a team together, consisting of people from different departments and ages to get the broadest possible input of qualities, ideas, etc.
  • appoint one main person.
  • Set up the budget manager
  • Give each member a task and define it properly so that everyone knows who has which task
  • For the member of the team who have visit the location, caterer, etc., compensation must be arranged.
  • Make clear agreements about the tasks to be completed
  • Set tight, but feasible deadlines.

Organize or outsource internally

You may wish to have the organization of the event organized internally, but the know-how time must be available for this. Investigate whether is it feasible to take the organization of the event internally or whether this needs to be outsourced. If you want to spend it out, see if this is feasible from a budget point of view. Pass on the point below to come to the decision to make the organization internally or outsource.

  • Check whether there is sufficient time in-house to organize the event itself. If this is not the case, spend it on a professional event organizer.
  • Check if it is financially feasible to outsource the organization (or parts thereof)
  • Research if there is sufficient knowledge and internally to organize the event itself
  • Determine whether your company can bear the organizational and the financial risks
  • Determine if you can achieve the efficiency by doing the online participant registration yourself

The supplier

The big preparatory work is finished, and some form can already be given to the event. Engaging suppliers is a very important link in the entire organization process. Do good research on the suppliers before you enable them. Make appointments with various suppliers for exploratory talks. If these are successful, always ask for quotations so that at the end of the journey you can compare different suppliers based on price-quality ratio. If you are out and want to engage a few suppliers, always make sure you draw up a contract and read the terms of delivery carefully. Prepare a clear budget for this cost item. Always take the following points into account in the process of engaging suppliers.

  • Ask references of suppliers and check them carefully
  • Do your research by visiting trade fairs, reading trade journals and using the internet
  • Make agreements with suppliers for orientation discussions.
  • Request and compare various offers.
  • Prepare a contract and review the delivery terms.
  • Set up a budget

Prepare a script

Do you want a successful event? Make sure you have prepared a detailed scenario. it must consist of all the point below. The script is a detailed reference book that describes exactly who, what, when. The scenario must be kept constantly up-to-date during the process before and during the event. Do not forget that a phone book must be added to the script. Make sure that everyone involved in the event is in possession of the script and that there are always a few copies on location during the event.

  • Compile a clear-cut scenario in which is included per column:
    • Time
    • place
    • section
    • Responsible for that part/supplier involved
    • Save space for any notes
  • Create a phone book and make sure every team member has it
  • Hold at least one operational meeting where each team member and relevant supplier is present

More about script

During the event

To ensure that the event runs smoothly, you have to do a few tasks during the event. Ensure that one person is in control, one person acts as a point of contact for all suppliers and that you have hosts/hostesses. As an organization you want to create interaction with your audience. The ultimate place for this is social media. Provide updates about the event during the event. In this way you create an interactive platform in which you are in contact with your audience and the public with each other.

  • Every team member has to be in possession of a script
  • One team member is in control
  • The director must be empowered to make decisions quickly. The team member with this function is the best able to switch quickly in unforeseen situations.
  • Set up one person who acts as a point of all contact for all suppliers.
  • Care for hosts/hostesses
  • During the event, provide updates on social media about the course of the event.


As important as the preparation, – and execution phase of the event are, so important is the process of evaluating after the event. The event is still fresh in the memory. Plan the evaluation shortly after the event to make it as effective as possible. In the completion of the event, include all the point below.

  • Give a present as a token of thanks to speakers, artists, suppliers etc.
  • Give or send the guests a lasting reminder of the event. (photo, goody bag)
  • Compose a press release and send it to editor of different media
  • Evaluate the event and update the scenario where necessary for next time. Do not wait too long. The fresher the event is in the memory, the better the evaluation will be
  • Make a final financial report
  • Make a final report of the event and mention this in the newsletter

Evaluate by measuring! Calculate your Return on Investment (ROI)!

According to Elling Hamso, it is pointless to organize an event without a ‘Return on Investment idea’. The ‘return’ must always yield in a profit in the long term, otherwise it is not a business event. Evaluating is measuring! Always think and organize your event from an objective and archiving that goal. Set this out is a final financial report. In the following video Hamso explains the importance of ROI at events and meeting in a few minutes.


A perfect organized event with Bano

Is it not feasible internally to organize your vent yourself? Bano is the event organizer that makes your event a great success in a structured way. Do you want to outsource the complete organization or are you curious about the possibilities we offer? Please contact us so that we can find a suitable solution for your situation.



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Erwin Balkema

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