The effect of audio, video and light

As an audiovisual company, Bano not only delivers audio, image and light to convey the message of your event. Audio, image and light can also influence the atmosphere of the event and even the mood of the audience. Together, these elements determine the desired appearance of your event.



Do you want to influence the emotion of the event? Then use the right audio-elements. For example, at auction the auctioneer talks loud and fast, which generates positive energy and enthusiasm among those present. In contrast, during a funeral service, slow and long breaks between the words will be spoken, which may give a somber feeling.


Image influence the stimulation of the event. For example, a still image or chart that is displayed for a certain time. This ensures little engagement with your audience an people no longer pay attention. On the other hand, you can show a video. The moving images stimulate your audience to keep paying attention.


Lightning can determine the mood of an event. A speaker who is illuminated with dark colors and lightning directed upwards, creating dark shadows, reflects loneliness. On the other hand, a speaker who is illuminated with warm bright colors and ground focused lightning can show a feeling of happiness and pleasure.

Bano takes these effects into account when organizing your event and helps you to bring out the right emotion, stimulation and mood.

Erwin Balkema

Erwin Balkema

Erwin Balkema owner of Bano Can we also help you realize a successful event or exhibition participation online or hybrid? Bano Event Technology

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