Presentation design: do’s and don’ts

Giving a good presentation is more difficult than it seems. You must continue to captivate the audience throughout the presentation. Make use of your creativity, design impressive slides and your presentation is guaranteed to be a success. How do you design a good presentation? Consider the following trends.



To get inspiration

Don’t you know how to make a professional looking presentation? Then use design elements from magazines. Magazines are designed by professionals and there you can find the best and most creative ideas. That way your presentation looks professional and modern.

Images and graphics

Don’t put too much text on a slide, which distracts from the speaker. Use a photo or graphic that matches the subject. Do you want to put text on your slide? Then use a striking font and keep the background simple. Remember: a picture says more than 1000 words. A full-screen photo can evoke emotions from the audience.

interactive infographics

the last trend in presentation design! With new technology it is possible to design interactive infographics. You give an informative view of different objects with a combination of text and image, the ideal infographic looks special and creative, but can also be easily understood by the public.


Long texts

Do not put too much text and content on your slide. Your presentation will soon look messy and you will lose the attention of the audience. If it takes too much time and effort to understand a slide, nobody listens to your story. Put a few keywords on your slide. Not every word has to have the same size, some words are more important than others.

Bad footage

Never use low-quality photos. This change your presentation from professional to amateurish in one go.

Erwin Balkema

Erwin Balkema

Erwin Balkema owner of Bano Can we also help you realize a successful event or exhibition participation online or hybrid? Bano Event Technology

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